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the sun rises awash
in blissful ignorance,
the milk of early morn’

Waving flags tell no tales
of nights since past, felled
trees do all the barking

unfortunately, the rain is
drowning out the sound
outside my window,

there’s always tomorrow

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why are mangoes called mangoes where is the man going 

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Cloud Paintings

Can you feel the clouds?
Raindrops in our hearts
And souls
And so I suppose
The dirt will turn to mud
The sidewalks into puddles
Loneliness towards beauty

I don’t know (why?)
I can feel myself breathe
As I think of kissing
You in the fog
You always play this song
When you’re tired

I don’t understand
Paintbrushes are beautiful
More so than paintings
The children know
That they’re (only?) transitory
So they paint
The sidewalks with chalk

I suppose that we
Can pretend a little longer
Life’s like that
Water and glass
Close the blinds
I want to feel melancholy
Not see it

Big trucks augment
The sounds I feel
But only infrequently
I’m no good at this
Even the trees are ashamed
I feel (empty?)
In a stormy sort of way

Paint more clouds for me darling
Resurrect the moment
Give it to the wind
Put it in a bottle
Next to the champagne
We’re all only children
Taught of life by rain

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What language do you laugh in?

Brother Ali (Good Lord)
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Zuriick X Goldcoast collab “CARNALES” 

Video by: Loren Brinton

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